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A blend of Muscat Berry A from our own farm and Syrah from Yamanashi Prefecture. It was blended and bottled after 12 months of barrel aging (MBA) and bottle aging (Syrah). The charming aroma of Berry A is combined with the spiciness of Syrah to create a high-quality wine with a fruity taste.

Private Reserve
ROUGE 2021

A blend of Koshu from our own farm and Chardonnay from Yamanashi Prefecture. Each wine was aged in barrels for 12 months before being blended and bottled. Blending Chardonnay with Koshu as a base, the richness and aroma of Chardonnay are added to the crisp flavor unique to Koshu, resulting in a well-balanced wine.

Private Reserve
BLANC 2021



Made using 100% of the same grapes used for wine,Retains the original sweetness and aroma of grapesA rich and deep juice.

​Everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy it deliciously.


Made by wine farmers

 Dried grapes from Tochigi Prefecture

Dried grapes made from wine grapes and Shine Muscat grapes for raw consumption. We make our wines with the hope that you can enjoy the ingredients and feel the story of how the wine is made.


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